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10 Brilliant Marketing Stunts That Put Startups on the Map

A strong marketing stunt can be a valuable tool for any company. Last week, Microsoft employees released a ridiculous “Sexy And I Know It” parody featuring the Surface tablet, and despite the horrible lyrics and dancing, it actually made the Surface look sort of cool.

But Microsoft — and even the Surface — already has a defined image. No matter how the video turned out, Microsoft would still be Microsoft.

A startup has more to potentially gain from a successful marketing stunt than any other kind of company. Without defined brand images in the minds of consumers, some clever PR can easily turn a fledgling startup into a superstar brand in a matter of weeks.

  1. Tinder visited sororities and their partnering fraternities on campus and devised a master plan to get tons of signups.
    Tinder cofounder Whitney Wolfe ventured to college campuses with a clever plan to onboard thousands of users. According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Nick Summers, Wolfe scheduled meetings with sororities and then their corresponding fraternities on campus. Sororities typically have a favorite fraternity or two on campus that they plan social events with frequently, so Wolfe made sure to hit both chapters back to back.

Read more stunts at Entrepreneur.


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