Our Manifesto

You’re in the middle of a conversation. Words keep coming out of the other person’s mouth, and yet nothing concrete is being said. Feel the pain?
We hear you.

You log onto Facebook and start scrolling through the newsfeed. Find something other than cat videos and useless status updates?
Neither do we.

Valuable messages are increasingly getting lost in the noise, and consequently do not have the desired impact.

Yes, we all want to be heard. But sometimes people do not stop and think of whether their expressions have value. To magnify the issue, media such as Facebook and Twitter encourage people to speak out more than ever, something that unfortunately does not mean that they are passing on more valuable messages. The result is that it becomes difficult not only for senders to reach the desired audience, but also for the recipients to get the point.

If people had to make concerned choices about what to share – how much nonsense could be weeded out from everyday communication, and what could we do with the time and energy saved?

Introducing the #SpeakStraight movement.

You too can support the cause by executing one or more of these steps:

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