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Confessions of a Compulsive People Pleaser

Servant People Pleaser

You have to stop.

I knew the look on her face from the other side of the line.

You’re exactly like your dad you know, never saying no to people and always feeling bad about it. I don’t understand how you, who have such a Rambo mom, can let people use you like that.

It’s not the first time we’re having this discussion. And I know it’s not the last time either.

Truth is, I can’t say no to people, no matter how much I want to. The word simply will not cross my lips.

As a matter of fact, it gets worse than that.

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Who died and made you a Guru?

Photo by Alamy (Telegraph)

Photo by Alamy (Telegraph)

He asked if I wanted to have a coffee.

In enterprise-speak, that’s code for “We need to talk,” and it’s not an invite. I learned this the hard way on my first day as an intern, replying “no thanks” to my then manager, thereby forcing him to speak straight for once, all to my colleagues’ great amusement.

Coffee talks fall into four different categories: gossip, secrets, advice, or the beast of the group, all of the above. This particular one, I was to find out, was to be a fine example of a hairy, drooling beast.

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